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Nestled on the edge of the Grésigne forest, in south-western France, Oppidum is based in a converted farmhouse set in two hectares of nature.

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We feel their range stands out from the crowd because of provenance of the ingredients, the waterless products mean they are 100% active offering exceptional value, and the beautiful texture of the products make them a joy to use.

Scent Lounge | Oppidum Lifestyle Image

Inside the old farmhouse Oppidum have a modern development laboratory and workshop. Formulations, ingredient sourcing and careful production that protects quality and effectiveness are all overseen in house. 


Skincare To Trust
Oppidum has worked hard to gain multiple certifications and are environmentally conscious at all stages of development.

  • Cosmos Organic Certified - all Oppidum products are 100% natural and 99.3%-100% organic. 
  • Water Less - Thanks to their water-free formulation, Oppidum skincare products contain no synthetic preservatives and their natural active ingredients are not diluted. 
  • Sustainable Packaging - Lacquered glass, beechwood, and uncoated paper: all Oppidum packaging is made from noble, recyclable materials. 
  • PETA Approved - All Oppidum ingredients are PETA approved, they do not use any animal-based ingredients and are not tested on animals making them vegan-friendly. 


The Range

ESSENTIALS – concise collections formulated to benefit different concerns along with an extended range of organic soap bars:

  • “BOIS DE ROSE” Rosewoodoffers intense hydration and nutrition. Suitable for all skin types that particularly benefits dry or mature skin. 

  • “ÉCORCES & GRAINES” Bark & Seedspowerful ingredients that promote repair and regeneration. Helps balance sensitive skin and restores its elasticity, tone and firmness. 

  • "NEUTRE ABSOLU" Absolutely Neutral Care for the most reactive and sensitive skin thanks to allergen-free formulations. It does not contain any perfume or essential oil. 

  • "LA SÈVE DES ARBRES" The Sap of Trees - A collection designed for facial vitality to repair, restore and heal. Key ingredients for this range are sourced directly from community producers in the Peruvian Amazon.
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Hero Products

Bois de Rose, Ultra Nourishing Rosewood Face Cream

Perfectly suited as a night cream it nourishes and softens sensitive areas of the face, neck, and décolleté. Care for all skin types, especially mature skin, thanks to the tightening and firming effects of its organic-grade ingredients and essential oils - Rosewood, Rice Bran, and Geranium.

La Sève Des Arbres, Tree Sap Respect Cleansing Oil

Suitable for all skin types, this allergen-free make-up remover is a real 2-in-1 that immediately restores the skin's lipidic film once the last traces of make-up have been removed. The protection of Myrrh and Copaiba, the delicacy of Tea Tree and Sesame oils, the finesse of Jojoba.

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