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The Orchid by Senti is a wonderfully unique way to scent your home, an innovative and stylish alternative to a reed diffuser. Every Orchid is assembled and painted by hand giving a natural look that is a beautiful additional to any interior. As the diffuser subtly fragrances the air only those in the know or those who curiously take a closer look will discover where the scent is coming from.

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Created by Debbie Knight, her lightbulb moment came whilst transporting flowers in her car that filled the space with perfume. Her years of experience working within the fragrance industry told her that people were looking for something different to scent style their homes, interior designers had often commented that traditional reed diffusers weren’t the perfect look for certain projects.

As thoughts developed Debbie noticed white orchids wherever she went, at friend's homes, hotel lobbies, offices, and reception rooms.  Making her vision a reality took two and half years, a lot of patience and testing to ensure the final design was beautiful, fragrant, and unique.

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Every petal and stem are handcrafted at the Wimbledon workshop, making The Orchid look realistic and individual.  The range of distinctive scents have been developed in partnership with the UK’s most respected perfumers to offer something for individual tastes and all areas of the home.

Scent Lounge | Senti Lifestyle Image

The Little Orchid is a newer addition to the range, launched between Covid lockdowns it is great for the home office or to add gentle scent to a bedroom.

We have asked Debbie her top tips to ensure Scent Lounge customers get the most from The Orchid and The Little Orchid:

  • As with all diffusers, the best results come from positioning – do not put in a shelving unit as it will limit the throw. The ideal place is on a corner of a table or console, at hip height, where the scent will be carried by air flow as people pass by. The little orchid was designed to sit on desks, dressing tables or bedside tables.
  • Keep away from sunlight, radiators, or air conditioning units as this will dry the petals out and with reed diffusers increase evaporation.
  • To avoid a build-up of dust on your petals, gently blow each petal using a hair dryer on a COLD setting keeping the dryer at arm’s length. Or occasionally, wipe the petals carefully with a damp cloth to remove dirt.
  • One more thing: the Orchid and Little Orchid’s throw (the distance over which the fragrance will diffuse) will increase over time. (As with real flowers, patience is a virtue!).


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