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We love to switch up and alternate fragrances throughout the year when the seasons change. As the days grow warmer and sunnier, we reach for the fresher scents with uplifting and invigorating ingredients.

Fresh fragrances tend to feel crisp and clean, zesty citrus and marine notes evoke memories of summer. Look out for energising ingredients like Ginger, Mint, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus.

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5 picks for the body

The perfume oils in fresh scents are light and tend to evaporate quicker, particularly if you have dry skin. For more staying power combine with a fragrance free body lotion, look for stronger concentrations such as eau de parfums.

Bon Parfumeur 801 - An uncomplicated hit of citrus and sea spray, this is a great perfume to layer with and lighten up more woody, spicy scents.

A. N. OTHER FR/2018 - The crisp Madagascan ginger brings a unique note, this eau de parfum delivers on freshness!

Atkinsons Mint & Tonic - All the ingredients for mood elevation. Crushed mint, ginger, lime, grapefruit and geranium complement a light woody musk base.

Ashley & Co Parakeets & Pearls - Pair the stylish hand wash and lotion for a superior hand wash experience. A spiced scent of green tea, lime and bergamot.

Claus Porto Cerina Marine - This long lasting hand and body soap bar delivers saltwater spray with pine and sea moss from the rugged Portuguese coast.

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5 picks for the home

Fill your indoor spaces with a fresh fragrance to complement and enjoy lighter, longer days. Catching the uplifting scent from a candle or reed diffuser after a  summers day is as comforting as a deep warming woody fragrance in winter.

Culti Aramara - A reed diffuser where bitter orange blends with bergamot and cardamom on a sandalwood base. Perfect for the living room, kitchen or office.

Hibi Lemongrass - For a quick fragrance hit these incense matches are perfect.  The natural perfume oil of lemongrass helps to restore and refresh.

Cire Trudon Abd El Kader - The most amazing mint note fills the room and brings a smile. Blackcurrant, lemon, cloves and ginger add to this special scented candle.

Ashley & Co Tui & Kahili - A water-based room mist designed for liberal use. The fragrance lingers with notes of wild ginger, lily, mimosa and sandalwood.

ECOYA Blood Orange - This sparkling blood orange scented candle with ginger, carnation and a touch of cinnamon ensures an uplift in mood. 

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