Eight & Bob: JFK's Chance Encounter

We are proud to welcome Eight & Bob to our fabulous collection of brands at Scent Lounge. It is a unique range and we love that each scent was made exclusively through a passion for perfume, the original is a masterpiece and rarely does a scent have such a fascinating history.

The Eight and Bob fragrances were the creation of Albert Fouquet. He would make perfumes purely for himself and they were always admired by his friends and noticed by strangers when he was at parties.

A chance meeting in 1937 in the South of France with a young American student would lead him to bottle the original fragrance. That student was John F. Kennedy who was travelling around Europe, he was captivated by the scent that Albert wore. The next day Albert sent a sample bottle to JFK's hotel with a note that read “In this bottle, you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks.”

John F. Kennedy with friend Lem Billings pictured on their European adventure, 1937.

JFK returned to the US and continued to wear Albert's fragrance. His friends and family also adored the scent so he soon wrote to Albert asking for 8 bottles of the fragrance “and one for Bob” (his brother). Albert sourced some beautiful glass bottles and filled a box, not quite understanding the request he labelled the box Eight & Bob.

Appreciation for the perfume spread amongst the Kennedy family's circle of friends and acquaintances. More requests followed and it became popular with Hollywood icons - directors, producers and actors such as Cary Grant and James Stewart.

Tragically, in 1939 Albert died in a car crash. The family butler with whom Albert worked with on the perfumes continued to fulfil the requests from America.  As war broke out across Europe the last few shipments were hidden inside books, hand cut to conceal the precious bottles from the Nazis.

Decades later, Albert's formulations and carefully crafted processes have been recovered. The original, along with many of his other creations have been born again. 

 Eight & Bob: The Original

A citrus aromatic fragrance. With its notes of Pink Pepper, spicy Cardamom and zesty Lemon that warm to the sweet woody Amber and Sandalwood, beautifully packaged in a cut out book.

Eight & Bob: Cap d’Antibes

An Aromatic fragrance inspired by Summer in the South of France. A fresh burst of mint and birch with moss transporting you to the coast. Cinnamon and Vanilla add a sweet warmth and Cedar and Incense make up the woody base. 

Eight & Bob Champs de Provence

This fresh green, citrussy floral is inspired by the countryside of Provence. With beautiful top notes of Jasmine, Rose and Orange Blossom, green Moss and Mate, with a fruity Orange and Pear base.

Eight & Bob: Egypt

A woody, spicy fragrance. Take a journey through ancient Egypt, breathing in the exotic aromas of the marketplace. Nutmeg and spices complement earthy patchouli and sandalwood.

Eight & Bob: Memoires de Mustique

A woody floral fragrance with a tropical vibe. Inspired by the private Caribbean Island of Mustique. With sweet Orange Blossom and citrus floral Neroli, Petitgrain and Bergamot bring flavours of tropical fruits. Earthy woods and Musk inspired by the lush greenery transport you to this island paradise.

Eight & Bob: Nuit de Megeve

Let this Woody fragrance transport you to the snow-capped mountains of France, by the fireside of a log cabin. Earthy Vetiver mixes with sweet Tobacco, and petitgrain. Bitter notes of freshly brewed black coffee blend with sweet Tonka beans. A truly comforting scent.

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