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We are excited to bring you Aery Living, a fragrance brand focused on wellbeing and sustainability.
Aery was created in 2018 with a focus on ethical practices in clean luxury design. Their new unique fragrances use benefits from the finest essential oils to enhance your environment and mood.

The luxury scented candles and reed diffusers are handmade in England.  Aery, like ourselves here at Scent Lounge, believe sustainability should not mean compromise.  They prove it is possible to create aspirational luxury goods that can be good for you and good for the planet too. It does mean the task is harder as it limits the use of materials and ingredients however, we believe the Fernweh collection from Aery shows what is achievable.

Scent Lounge - Aery Living Lifestyle Image

Fernweh translates as Wanderlust; the intense desire to travel and explore! Taking us on an olfactory journey around the world, the fragrance collection takes inspiration from destinations such as Paris, Morocco, and a tranquil zen filled Japanese garden.

The range is for the design-conscious, presented in minimal clay pots and vases in neutral tones, filled with fragrance to inspire feelings of distant and exotic destinations. These vessels can be reused to grow indoor plants, to display a single stem flower, make-up brush holders etc.

The Aery scented candles are hand poured, we have found them to burn evenly and cleanly. They use sustainably sourced soy wax that is GMO free, they are free from paraffin or mineral wax and palm.  All the Aery products are plastic free, vegan and are not tested on animals.  

Whether you choose to unwind or uplift, the Aery Fernweh collection will effectively scent your space with stylish fragranced candles and reed diffusers.

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Scent Lounge - Aery Living Lifestyle Image

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